UPI-S Series

Speed & Direction Sensor



UPI-S Series Quadrature Speed and Direction
Sensors are designed to provide both speed and direction
information. Speed information is provided from digital square
wave outputs; direction is provided using a quadrature output
with signals 90° phase shifted from each other. With the
quadrature output, target direction is determined by output
lead/lag phase shifting.
The UPI-S Series are designed and manufactured using a
platform-based approach that enables cost-competitiveness
and mechanical and electrical configurability for customers. The
Series are designed for applications where enhanced accuracy
is required to detect small target features. This accuracy is
enabled by dual differential Hall-effect sensor IC technology.
The UPI-S Series provide a wide operating temperature
range, robust electrical noise immunity and industry leading
environmental sealing capability. This product includes an
O-ring seal for pressure applications, and a fixed mounting
flange for simple installation using one fastener.



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