GT Infrared sensor diffuse mode

Series :Diffuse GT Infrared sensor
Size :18mm
Housing Material : plastic
The light source :Infrared
Sensing Distance Sn :50-500mm adjustable
Operating Voltage :DC 10-30V
Output function :NPN/PNP NO
Connector :2M PVC cable


 FG square Red led sensor diffuse mode
Size 18mm cylinder
Sensing Distance Sn:(M)  500mm adjustable
Housing Material Plastic
●With or Without LED ● With out LED
The light source Infrared
Operating Voltage 10-30VDC
DC Ripple <10%
No Load Current <10mA
Max.Load Current 150mA
Leakage Current <0.01mA
Voltage Drop <1.5V
Switching Frequency            120Hz   100Hz
Response Time          1ms     1ms
Switching Hysteresis <15%(Sr)
Repeat Accuracy <5-10%(Sr)
Protection Category IP64
Operating Temperature 0°C -60°C
Temperature Drift <10%(Sr)
Short Circuit Protection YES
Overload Trip Point 180mA
EMC RFI>3V/M / EFT>1KV / ESD>4KV(contact)
Shock/Vibration IEC 60947-5-2,Part 7.4.1 / IEC 60947-5-2,Part 7.4.2
Material Active Face Opaque Material
Connection D3.8 3*0.15 2M PVC
DC 3-wire10-30V NPN NO GT18-N
DC 3-wire 10-30V PNP NO GT18-P


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