DU Series

Designed for mounting on round cylinder.

Clamp is designed for mounting MV-60  series sensor on round cylinder.


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  Model Bore Size Barrel Material O.D.
Model Bore Size Barrel Material O.D.
DU-A20 Ø20 Aluminum 25 DU-S6 Ø6 Stainless 8.5
DU-A25 Ø25 Aluminum 30 DU-S8 Ø8 Stainless 10
DU-A30 Ø30 Aluminum 35 DU-S10 Ø10 Stainless 11
DU-A32 Ø32 Aluminum 37 DU-S12 Ø12 Stainless 13.2
DU-A40 Ø40 Aluminum 45 DU-S16 Ø16 Stainless 17
DU-A50 Ø50 Aluminum 55 DU-S20 Ø20 Stainless 21.6
DU-A63 Ø63 Aluminum 70 DU-S25 Ø25 Stainless 26.5
DU-A80 Ø80 Aluminum 87.7 DU-S32 Ø32 Stainless 33.6
DU-S40 Ø40 Stainless 42


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